Declan’s Story

Declan was born 'Hans Declan Muller' in Dresden Germany 1985.
His father was an experimental particle physicist and played an important part in the design and building of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).He often mentions that 'Declan' was the inspiration behind the LHC.
His mother was a promising dancer that emerged from The Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, but due to an unfortunate dance related injury her career came to an abrupt end. From then on she devoted her life to raising her only child Declan and taught him to follow his hearts desire.

Declan spent the first few years of his life in Germany with his loving parents but always dreamed of visiting Ireland. He emigrated to Ireland in 1999 and spent the next the 15 years in Limerick working in the service industry. He spent his evenings listening to new Irish music and dreamed of someday being involved in the scene.
In 2015, he quit work to embark on a year long road trip through Europe to get to know the sound of his own wheels. He travelled through France, Spain and into sunny Portugal. He fell in love with Portugal and stayed there far longer than was planned. It was while in Portugal that he dreamed of a plan to help Irish musicians. He decided he had to go back to Ireland and travel around the country filming the best songwriters playing on his comfy couch and show the public their talents.